The return to normalcy is moving slower than expected, and at times it feels like it is rotating backwards. Especially with the newest release of the Guidance in Okinawa, leaving many to feel like nothing will ever go back to normal again, as a number of privileges are once again being taken away. Travis Johnson shared, “I feel like getting the shot was just a joke as the restrictions have returned to being just as tight as before. It feels like there is nothing to do and we can’t even go back home.” 

COVID restrictions for Okinawa issued by the IIIMEF

It is hard to imagine that it has already been over a year since Coronavirus Pandemic affected the island. With COVID, military personnel has seen many changes to the guideline and with the newest update it can be easy to fall into a depressed state. 

Fight the depression and to keep your spirits high by taking advantage of the events and programs offered aboard the military installations. MCCS Okinawa and FSS Kadena are once again announcing their participation in Kids Bowl Free at the military bowling alleys. With this offer they are also extending bowling passes at a heavy discount to adults. 

Created as a way to give back to the community, while providing a safe, secure, and fun way for families to spend their summer, this program also offers a chance to think less about the restrictions presently on island. Registering for the program gives your children 2 free games each day of the program all summer long. For an additional one time payment of $30, 2 adults can join in on the fun. 

The local bowling alleys have taken safety precautions to protect patrons from the spread of COVID. These safety precautions include the wearing of masks and the reminder to practice good hygiene habits. However, it also participates in temperature checks, as well as contact tracing, in the chance that a person who frequented the facility later tests positive for COVID. 

Though it can be easy to become exhausted with the guidelines and restrictions presently placed on the island. Remember to keep active and to continue to work to find ways to have fun, while staying safe. The Kids Bowl Free program is just one way to take advantage of a stressful time. For more information or to sign up, visit or sign up directly by clicking here!

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