Living on a military base comes with many benefits. Being away from your friends and family can be difficult yet the military requires you to adapt and overcome. It gives you the unique chance to make fun memories, new friends, and eat great food. Living in Okinawa, Japan, the food is impeccable with great dishes to try, yet you do not have to travel far from home to acquire some great, new recipes. This baked Mostaccioli is one of them.

Originating from Italy and using a ridged noodle there are many variations to this recipe. Thanks to Takia Davis, creator of Fabulously Flawed and Tryin, this can now be a staple of any home. While sharing the recipe at a neighborhood block party, she expressed how easy it was to make and continued to say, “It’s so simple and quick. It’s the perfect potluck dish or a family night meal.” This dish combines the amazing flavors of lasagna without any of the fuss.

The dish pairs perfectly with a side salad, garlic bread and a favorite cocktail. Looking for a good cocktail, try this LemonBerry Smash.

Tips & Substitutions

Want to make a few changes to this dish, don’t hesitate. Work to make it your own. Traditionally, the pasta is cooked with Mostaccioli noodles, but due to limitations on the island, it has been discovered that Penne noodles work just as well. Can’t find Penne noodles, try Ziti. The ground hamburger meat can easily be exchanged for Italian sausage, ground turkey or ground chicken. Want to add some veggies, consider chopping up some mushrooms or even spinach. Even the meat and alfredo sauces can be substituted to better suit your preference.

Have leftovers? This dish can be stored, even frozen, allowing you to make the dish in bulk and reheated to enjoy at a later time.

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