One of the many frustrations* joys of having three girls, is the fun times that I have spent brushing their hair, detangling knots, picking out sticks, and the struggle of removing (insert gasp and evil glare here) gum. My girls have commonly fallen to sleep with gum in their mouth and woken up with the gum stuck in their hair. They have also rough housed so much while chewing the dreaded gum that the offensive candy migrated from their mouths and into someone’s hair. I am then stuck with the frustrating task of deciding if I will cut out the mass myself or if I will be kind enough to take them to a salon. 

However, discovering this amazing life hack has saved my children’s precious locks on multiple occasions. For a heavy soda drinker like me, having a Coke in the house is an easy step. The difficult part is getting the gummed victim to sit still long enough to soak their hair. The process is quite quick and simple, according to vocal media, the phosphoric acid present in Coca-Cola reacts with the natural oils in hair, negatively affecting the properties of the gum. As a result, the gum will no longer have anything to stick to and with the aid of a comb, it will come right out. To return some of the oils and to prevent damage, use a leave in conditioner or consider deep conditioning the hair afterwards.

Gum in the hair is a major frustration for many parents of adventurous gum chewers and a hack like this one saves hair. Though my kids can attest to the ever present dark soda in my home, if alternative supplies, like peanut butter or mayonnaise, are available they may be better options for the health of the hair. Looking for more alternative and interesting uses of Coca-Cola, check some out here!

Have you ever gotten gum stuck in your or your kid’s hair? Share your story and photos if you have them, in the comments!

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