I cannot begin to admit just how much I love going on a cruise. Whether it’s with my family, a girl’s trip, or just a trip with me and my husband, I am always down to cruise. One of the first things that I pack…a good book. On this most recent cruise, I brought along the Glass Spare by Lauren DeStefano

This book I purchased via a Facebook yard sale while in Okinawa. I am embarrassed to admit, I judged a book by its cover. I solely bought this book because the cover looked cool. I had no idea who the author was, what the book was about, nothing.

I added it to my list of Book Club for One, aka my I will get to it one day stack of books. The following day, the packers came to take our HHG (household goods for those not military-affiliated), and it was the only book that got left out when packed. So it got thrown into my suitcase. It didn’t see the light of day again until we made it to the US, and by then, I had a list of audible books I was surfing through, and I marked it as the book to read when I had the chance. 

Within reading the first few pages, I wanted to know how I could get the power to never sleep again just so I could devour everything there is inside of this book. Wil, the main character, lives in a world filled with secrets, and her secret has destroyed everything she holds dear. Searching for an answer to fix her life, she is faced with the choice to save her family or to betray everyone she holds dear. 

Lauren DeStefano throws you into a kingdom that is alluring and has created a heroine that you can’t help but feel drawn to. As the story progresses, its twists and turns force you to wonder what you would do for someone you love. The number one thing that I loved about this book is that it was written back in 2017, so I don’t have to wait for its sequel, The Cursed Sea.

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