Are you looking for a zero sugar, low calorie, carbonated beverage that your entire family can enjoy? Then there are just two words for you. Sparkling Ice. As a refreshing soda alternative, Sparkling Ice is a staple in my refrigerator and a natural go-to when I want a bit of bubbly to hydrate. 

Photographs by C. Hickling

Admittedly, I hate water. It doesn’t have any flavor. If left with a choice between drinking water over a high sugar, ton of calories beverage, I would ALWAYS pick the latter. Yet, this isn’t a fact that I can share with my kids, nor is this something that I can let my girls copy. Not enjoying sugary water additives, finding Sparkling Ice was a game-changer.

This option is to enjoy post-workout or catch up on the latest Marvel episode. Most importantly, I can share it with the entire family instead of hoarding it in my secret fridge at the back of my closet (don’t judge me).   Further, products like Sparkling Ice are safer to drink than the water in many towns. Plus, Sparkling Ice is a company that celebrates the military and commonly hosts campaigns and contests to honor everyday Heroes.

Photographs by C. Hickling

This beverage is perfect for recipes to recreate favorite drinks and desserts. Try mixing the Sparkling Ice Coconut Pineapple with rum, and you will quickly be able to enjoy a sip of a pina colada. You can also check out my recipe for a LemonBerry Smash that includes a splash of Sparkling Ice Strawberry Lemonade. Looking for something your kids can enjoy? Try combining a couple of scoops of Vanilla ice cream with Sparkling Ice Black Cherry. 

Sparkling Ice holds limitless possibilities. They are available at your local groceries, Walmart, and you can also check them out on their website! Still haven’t rushed out to get one? What are you waiting for?

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