cherry amaretto

In honor of the Sakura (Cherry Blossom season), allow me to bring you a cherry-themed cocktail. If you have not gotten out to see the beautiful blossoms, check out my post here.

For anyone who knows me, my all-time favorite social drink is the Amaretto sour. So, when Pinterest provided these two perfect finds at the top of my search, I knew it was kismet. 

Thank you, Cooking with Mamma C and Recipe Fiction, for inspiring my bartending attempts!

The creator made a sweet and sour mix from scratch in one recipe, and in another, it required fresh cherries. If you can, please try out all the recipes on these websites to experience the drinks to the fullest extent possible. Having said that, the cost of fresh fruit can be very high in Japan. In sum, my recipe is a sweet combination of the two above with slight modifications. 

Admittedly, I was a bit of a child and made a mess while mixing and mashing. Ensure you create this with a towel handy in case you are like me. Let me know if you enjoyed it or if you have an idea of what I should try making next week.

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