Today, I bring you FAT KID, FRIDAY!!! For this Friday, I want to recognize one of my absolute favorite food trucks that I have encountered so far on the island. They combine my two absolute favorites, steak, and soup, giving me this mind-blowing Steak Ramen (pictured above).

Meet Triple-A Food Truck. This food truck travels between all the installations here on Okinawa, and for the month of February, they are on Camp Courtney every Friday! (Insert my happy dance!) The schedule changes monthly, yet the menu continues to bring some really great dishes. Truthfully, I do not mind finding an excuse to travel to pick up some really great food, but not having to go far also works great for me!

Ramen is my everything. Top Ramen is nowhere near comparable to actual ramen. The fantastic combination of broth and noodles ignites my taste buds for a life-changing experience. Sadly, with the tight restrictions in Okinawa, going to a ramen shop is not possible. Though we are starting to get a lift of restrictions (check here for the latest release), we still cannot eat in restaurants and are only authorized to use outdoor dining, drive-thrus, and take-out/to-go. Typically, taking home ramen is just not as satisfying. The noodles suck up all the broth, destroying the flavor, and attempts to re-heat ramen are laughable. Yet (significant pause), this food truck seems to have worked some magic and produced a dish that is quite simply fabulous. The broth displays drool-inducing flavor, the steak is perfectly cooked, and even when I have had to travel back home before enjoying it, it has survived the trip. 

Triple-A is getting my two thumbs up and is making this girl’s fat kid Friday perfect. If you want to try out Triple-A, check out their Facebook page. Are you as fascinated with Triple-A as I am, or do you love ramen? Leave a comment and let me know!

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