I can’t help but to enjoy a good cocktail. A drink that you can have a couple of sips from without even realizing that you are drinking alcohol. When living in North Carolina, me and a couple friends would finish off our work week with a trip to the bar and just laugh off the week’s stressors with a new cocktail that someone found. While in Okinawa, I was blessed to make new friends who had similar traditions and they would whip out a few bottles and throw together a few drinks to enjoy on the porch. While an old favorite (see a twist on my favorite cocktail here) can be nice, time to time, you sometimes need another good drink added to the rotation. In this I bring you a Lemon Berry Smash. 

In Japan, we are coming to an end of the strawberry season, I hope you have taken the chance to tour some Strawberry fields. 20 minutes of all you can eat Strawberries is another kind of heaven. While in the US there are still perfect opportunities to find the perfect additions for your drink as Strawberry season should start in April. This drink is just an amazing way to welcome or even say goodbye to Spring with some of those perfectly sweet berries. It is light and not too syrupy and is so easily thrown together.

Do you need to make a substitute or two? I won’t be mad at you

If you don’t like Strawberries, or *GASP* your allergic, any fruit would work. 

No fresh fruit? I understand, fresh fruit is hard to find or ridiculously expensive here in Japan, just use frozen, but be sure to let them thaw first.

Not a fan of bourbon? Don’t worry, Tequila is ready to be a friend.

Need some ideas of other impressive cocktails, check back here to the page. Every Saturday, I will be creating more.

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