Are you looking for something to do with your leftover Amaretto? Well, this is the perfect recipe to help with that!

Thanks to for the recipe, but I didn’t 100% follow it. Now my cake did not come out as pretty, my decorating skills just aren’t there, but it was so good. One slice was challenging to stop at.

A few changes that I wanted to make. One, I am not a fan of white cake. Though I believe that the intent of choosing this type of cake was to enhance the amaretto flavor, for my taste buds, it fell a little short and still tasted like a white cake. As an almond-flavored liqueur, a simple fix could be to add a bit of Almond Extract. However, I felt the spot for me would be to make a French Vanilla Cake, my favorite, with a couple more changes.

This cake is, as the box describes, “Super Moist.” According to this website, it has such flavor and should retain at least 30% of the alcohol. It would make a perfect addition to a holiday party or adult birthday party; it even stands well as a “just because” cake. 

I made many changes to the box recipe and added amaretto. Yet, I did come close to following the recipe for the icing, but if I were you, I wouldn’t! Even with my icing, I had tripled the powdered sugar, which was still not thick enough. The icing was just way too watery for the picture on the Betty Crocker website. 

There are three top options I could think of to fix this.

1: Use even more than triple the required powdered sugar, which will make the icing VERY sweet.

2: Use the wonders of Pinterest to find a better icing recipe.

3: Buy store-bought icing and use come of your amaretto to make (or remake) this amazing drink.

cherry amaretto

Whichever your choice, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

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