Looking for something to do with your leftover Amaretto? Well, this is there perfect recipe to help with that!

Much thanks to Bettycrocker.com for the recipe, but as per usual, I didn’t 100% follow it. Now my cake did not come out as pretty, my decorating skills just aren’t there, but it was so good. One slice was difficult to stop at.

A few changes that I felt necessary to make. One, I am not a fan of white cake. Though I believe that this type of cake was chosen to enhance the flavor of the amaretto, for my taste buds it fell a little short and still tasted like a white cake. As an almond flavored liqueur, a simple fix could be to add a bit of Almond Extract. However, I felt that the fix for me would be to make a French Vanilla Cake, my favorite, with a couple of more changes.

This cake is, as the box describes, “Super Moist”. It has such flavor and according to this website, should retain at least 30% of the alcohol. It would make a perfect addition to a holiday party or adult birthday party; it even stands well as a “just because” cake. 

I made a lot of changes to the box recipe, plus the addition of Amaretto. Yet, I did come pretty close to following the recipe for the icing but if I were you, I wouldn’t! The icing was just way too watery to be as Betty Crocker pictured. Even with my icing I had tripled the powdered sugar and it was still not thick enough. 

There are three top options I could think of to fix this.

Option 1: Use even more than triple the required powdered sugar, but this will make the icing VERY sweet.

Option 2: Use the wonders of Pinterest to find a better icing recipe.

Option 3: Buy store bought icing and use your amaretto to make (or remake) this amazing drink.

cherry amaretto

Whichever your choice, I’m sure you’ll enjoy!

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